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The Hill Times' Hot Room

Sep 29, 2023

Hot Room host Peter Mazereeuw speaks with Justice Minister Arif Virani about his bill to change the way repeat violent offenders go through bail hearings. Then, Mazereeuw talks to Nicole Myers, a professor of criminology at Queen's University, to get her take on the changes proposed in the bill.  

Sep 22, 2023

Mike Moffatt of the Place Centre has done research into Canada's housing shortage, and presented his solutions to the federal cabinet. He joined The Hot Room to share some of them with you, and explain how we got into this mess in the first place. 

Sep 1, 2023

Former ethics commissioner Mario Dion joins the Hot Room to recount his investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and discuss the state of ethics and government, and why we still don't have a permanent ethics commissioner to replace him.