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The Hill Times' Hot Room

Jul 29, 2022

Former cabinet minister Lisa Raitt tells us how and why Canada's political leaders must re-shape our economy. Raitt is making her pitch as the co-chair of the Coalition for a Better Future.

Jul 22, 2022

Host Peter Mazereeuw sets up the week to come in Canadian politics, headlined by mid-summer parliamentary investigations into some of the hottest items in the news.

Jul 15, 2022

Political columnist and Conservative organizer Tasha Kheiriddin joins The Hot Room to talk about the present and future of the Conservative Party, and her new book, The Right Path: How Conservatives Can Unite, Inspire and Take Canada Forward

Jul 8, 2022

Hot Room host Peter Mazereeuw runs you through a short and sweet summary of what's happening in Canadian politics as we look to the week to come.