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The Hill Times' Hot Room

Aug 25, 2020

Erin O'Toole takes over as leader of the Conservative Party during a worldwide pandemic with a prorogued parliament and a general election lurking in the shadows of West Block. 

How did we get here, and where do we go next? Tim Powers is vice-president of Summa Strategies, managing director of Abacus Data, a Hill Times...

Aug 19, 2020

Tariffs are back! U.S. President Donald Trump slapped aluminum tariffs on Canada again. Trade lawyer Matthew Kronby joins The Hot Room to talk about the economic impact, Canada's ability to respond, and how the looming U.S. election could affect it all. 

Aug 18, 2020

Carleton University Professor Jonathan Malloy joins the Hot Room to talk Bill Morneau's departure, Chrystia Freeland as the new Finance Minister, and internal power dynamics within Cabinet. Sorry to all Dominic LeBlanc fans.