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The Hill Times' Hot Room

Dec 8, 2023

What is a basic income, how might it work, and how could we pay for it? Senator Kim Pate tackles those questions, as she and host Peter Mazereeuw discuss her Senate bill proposing a basic income framework. 

Dec 1, 2023

Benjamin Fung does research on data mining, artificial intelligence, and cyber security at McGill University. He explains how China's government tries to use big payouts to build ties with—and leverage over—Canadian researchers, something he says he has experienced personally. 

Nov 24, 2023

Host Peter Mazereeuw and Conservative Senator David Wells talk about a private member's bill proposing to expand a carbon tax carveout for farmers that has progressed despite opposition from the government, and sparked acrimony in the Red Chamber. 

Nov 17, 2023

Abacus Data CEO David Coletto joins the podcast to explain MRP polling, a technique that he says is a "game changer" that will allow pollsters to better predict what Canadians think, and how they will vote, at a local level. 

Nov 10, 2023

Canada's environment commissioner, Jerry DeMarco, joins The Hot Room to talk about what he found during his audit of the government's climate change plan.